The best endorsements are those of satisfied customers

"Simon works for us one day a week and we are delighted with the service he provides. He works exceptionally hard, always arriving on time and putting in a full days work. He is pleasant, cheerful and willing to turn his hand to whatever task is asked of him. We have no doubts at all about his honesty and trustworthiness and are very happy to recommend him to other potential customers."

Drayton Beauchamp

"Simon is very reliable in the timing of his duties and has always informed us if he is unable to come at his usual time. He has been very happy to undertake any gardening work including weeding, planting and tree and shrub maintenance. He provides a high standard of garden care and works hard and efficiently. We have no hesitation in warmly recommending him."


"Simon has worked hard for us since March 1993 and we were one of his first clients. In our experience he provides a very reliable service. He is always punctual, courteous and honest. He is willing to tackle any job. This has enabled us to maintain a 3/4 acre garden and pursue our careers. His work has encompassed lawn cutting and maintenance, heavy digging, restucturing of the garden, pruning, designing of water features and tree maintenance."